5 Key-Features to Buy the Perfect House in Pakistan

Mar 15, 2021
The recent pandemic has changed the dynamics of everything that exists on the face of the Earth, whether it be business or the way we live our lives. All this coupled with the harrowing and appalling effects of the increasing inflation has made things pretty tough for the people not only in Pakistan but all across the globe.

If you are the breadwinner of your house, it can be quite a daunting task to invest your hard-earned money in any business or locality. But don’t worry, we here at    66Acre   make sure that our readers and customers get the best possible service when it comes to  Pakistan’s real estate with the help of our property portal.

The 5 key factors in buying your dream house are as follows

1. Coming up with a realistic amount of money
Surveying the Market
Selection of the location
Visiting the property
5. Get yourself a professional house inspector

The details of the aforementioned features are as follows. 

1. Coming up with a realistic amount of money:

The first and foremost step is coming up with a realistic sum of money by assessing your financial needs. This can only be done by you so, assess your financial situation realistically and come up with a monetary figure that you think suits your needs and desires. This is a very vital and crucial initial step in buying your house. If you do not analyze your financial status practically, you could encounter serious problems later down the road.

2.Surveying the Market:

In Pakistan’s Real Estate market, you must survey the market to see which locality and area best suit your needs, desires, and sum of money allocated for buying the house. Now, surveying the Real Estate market of your city can be a tough task but don’t stress yourself as 66Acre brings for you a real estate portal. A real estate portal is a property portal that allows you to survey and compare the prices of different localities all around the city just with a few clicks. You can check the online property portal even if you are a tenant, a landlord, or just a mere property buyer or a property seller.

3. Selection of the Location:

The third most vital feature in buying your house is the selection of the location. This is a very crucial step. Make sure that the locality where you are buying your house comes with all the necessary factors in the neighborhood. These necessary factors include supermarkets, mosques, schools, restaurants, and hospitals. In addition to this, keep in check that your neighborhood is a safe and quiet place for you to live.

4. Visiting the Property:

In Pakistan’s Real Estate, property buyers should always visit the place before finalizing the deal with the property sellers. Sometimes, the pictures show in the property portal can vary the actual condition of the house. So, for that purpose, one must visit the property at all costs to ensure that there isn’t any scam.

Although we guarantee 100% transparency when it comes to our real estate portal, i.e., 66acre.com, but it is better to be safe than sorry. In a nutshell, irrespective of where you have seen the property, make sure to visit the house and get it inspected and scrutinized by a professional house inspector which brings us to our final key feature.

5. Get Yourself a Professional House Inspector:

The final key feature in buying your dream house is getting your desired property/house inspected by a professional house inspector. This plays a pivotal role in many ways. Every house and property needs to be inspected in every sense possible which might not be possible for a layman. The house inspector will scrutinize your desired house in all ways possible such as checking the foundations of the house, the ceiling, the condition of the walls and bricks used in its construction, and much more.
These were our top 5 key features for buying the perfect house in Pakistan. We have addressed all the mandatory factors that we as professionals think needed addressing.

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