Terms of Use

This Agreement states that the following terms explain their respective meanings:-

•            Effective Date

 The entry date on which the terms and conditions are adjusted and entered effectively.

•            Protected property Rights

All the copyrights licenses enrolled and unregistered rights, data record rights, brand names, and administration imprints and applications, along with all the property confidentiality advantages, knowledge, rights to certainty, and other protected/intellectual and mechanical property rights on the whole pieces of the world.

•            Material
All the Content that is posted on the website or provided in any other way to 66acre by the user. To avoid any kind of misconception, it includes;

•            Registration Details

All the details, which were provided by the user during registration includes website i.e., name, phone numbers, email address, age.

•            Service

The arrangement of the website as a property portal, any other help provided by 66acre.

•            Unacceptable

Material and data which is controlled under the laws of any district from which the website might be acquired and considered:-

1.Illegal, unlawful, immortal, disgusting, racist, hostile and offensive, pornographic, annoying, bogus, problematic, misdirecting, claimed to be or really slanderous, misleading, or any kind of encroachment on the property of outsider.
2. Breaking any kind of significant guidelines, principles, or codes of work.
3. Any prohibited enactment which is included without any restriction, which can be identified as weapons and liquor.
4. Any act that might damage the reputation and prestige of 66acre.

•            User

Any person or group who are utilizing any services and resources provided by 66acre which also includes the usage of the website. To avoid any kind of uncertainty, the user incorporates all documentations of the agreement along with all the other groups, who were involved in the signing of the agreement with 66acre.

1.           During the registration for the Website, the User should give valid, precise, current, and complete registration details. Which the user should update after any changes, prior to the usage of the website for any services.
2.           The user, therefore, warrants to 66acre that he/she is eighteen years old and/or above, and lawfully ready to sign the contracts.
3.           66acre holds all the rights.  Before polling out any material from the website, intimate beforehand to the company and ask for permission.
4.           The User's Registration Details and information will be recorded by 66acre. This shall not be revealed to the outside world.
5.           66acre may send a file to the User's PC when it visits the Website. Because the cookie will allow 66acer to recognize the User's specific regions of interest and help them to recognize the user. 
6.           The User gives the authority to 66acre for utilizing any data which it submits to the Website. For intimating the user regarding offers. 66acre won't utilize User’s information for any other purpose than mentioned in the Agreement.
7.           If the User doesn’t want 66acre to use the data, he/she is open to leave the Website prior to the submission.
8.           If the User doesn't need 66acre to employ its email address or doesn’t want the message to be sent concerning the Website and related issues, the User ought to deliver a message to 66acre and in addition unsubscribe from the subject heading.
9.           66acre maintains all authority to suspend or end a User's record or it can end up as a proper suspension. In case of such suspension, 66acre will advise the User by email and the User should not look to re-register, either directly or indirectly.
10.        For the evasion of uncertainty, 66acre is offering services on goods.
11.        66acre possesses all protected Property Rights in the Website and the Services, including without restrictions.
12.        66acre has announced and genuine encroachment of Property Rights and fraud seriously. Users can't hold 66acre at risk regarding such issues, we demand all Users report such matters quickly so that our company can inform the related authorities.
13.        We appreciate users sending any comments via email about the performance of other users.
14.        These are the following limitations that will apply to all Users:
1. User gives the consent and makes a deal to avoid communicating any material intended to intrude on, harm, annihilate or limit the usefulness of the Website or the Service.
2. User should make a deal to avoid utilizing any robotized programming to see the Services without agreeing, and to just access the Services.
3. User should make a deal to avoid utilizing the Service other than for its very own use. As an agent; posting properties should be allowed for purchase or rent.
4. User will not be qualified for erasing any notice/posting for a time of 24 hours after posting on the site by the user.
5. User makes a deal to avoid, duplicate, or any other Material without 66acre’s permission.
6. User makes a deal to avoid the use of any Service in any way that is unlawful, improper, or unsafe to 66acre.
7. User makes a deal to avoid the use of any Service or misuse of any approach/ other notification on the Website.
8. User makes a deal to avoid eliminating or change any copyright notice that shows up on the Website.
9. User makes a deal to avoid distributing any Material that may support as a rule-breaker of any significant laws or guidelines.
10. User makes a deal to avoid meddling with some other User's problem in the Website or the Service.
11. User makes a deal to avoid communicating materials ensured by copyright without the consent of the owner.
12. User makes a deal to avoid behaving in a hostile or harsh way while utilizing the Website or the Service.
13. By submitting Material on the Website or something else, the User awards 66acer an unavoidable and non-elite right and permit to utilize, replicate, convey, show, change and alter the Material.
14. We won't pay the User any charges for the Material and stores. The privilege in its carefulness is to eliminate or alter the Material whenever he/she wants. The client additionally warrants and addresses that it has all rights to allow the 66acre these rights.
15. 66acre allows the User to post Material on the Website as per our strategies given that Material isn't fraud, defamatory and abusive.
16.6 6acre has the authority to end any Service arrangement without any notification to the User and without giving any explanation at all. In case of cancelation, the User will pay fees of the Service arrangement within the limit of 14 working days.

1.           66acre will not be responsible for any indirect loss, consequential loss, and loss of profits, revenue, or data. In case any user faces any problem regarding the Agreement or with any relationship of a User to any third party.
2.           Our company is always proactive to make sure to secure and remove any kind of viruses from the website. Therefore it is suggested to the user to take all appropriate precautions before downloading and handling any information or Material from the Website.
3.           66acre shall not be liable for ensuring that the Material on the Website is not Unacceptable Material, and the User in making any financial or other decision accepts that it does so exclusively at its own risk.
4.           We will not be responsible for any interruption indicated in intentional or national services.
5.           Our company will not be responsible for any failure in respect of rules and regulations, which may result directly or indirectly from failure or interruption in software.
6.           66acre is not responsible for the direct or indirect consequences of a User linking to any other website from our Website.
7.           None of the conditions in this will apply to confine responsibility for the failure because of the carelessness of 66acre or our agents.

1.           Data and information have not been composed to meet the individual necessities of the User and it is simply the User's choice to fulfill before going into any exchange or the Material that is appropriate for its motivations.
2.           All guarantees or legal statutory are strongly avoided.
3.           The User gives the consent to reimburse 66acre against all liabilities, claims, and costs that may emerge from the Agreement, by the User.


1. 66acre maintains whatever authority is needed to modify its terms of business now and again. The Effective Date at the time the User is perusing these terms is set out at the highest point of this Agreement. Before surfing on the Website again, later on, Users should watch that the compelling date has not changed. The User ought to analyze the new arrangement of terms and possibly utilize the Website and acknowledges the new terms.
2.In the event that any arrangement of this Agreement or part thereof will be void out of the blue, it will be considered erased and the leftover arrangements will proceed in full power and impact and effect.
3. 66care maintains all rights to dole out or subcontract any or the entirety of its privileges and commitments under this Agreement.
4. The User may not relegate or in any case move its privileges or commitments under this Agreement without 66acre's earlier composed authority.
5. 66acre will not be responsible for any misfortune endured by the third party and considered to be in default for any frauds or disappointments.
6. The headings in this Agreement are exclusively utilized for comfort and will not have any legitimate or legally binding importance.
7. This Agreement will be represented by and interpreted as per the laws of Pakistan and the User submits to the select purview of the Courts of Lahore, Pakistan.
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